About US

SOWA CONSTRUCTION GROUP OF COMPANIES is comprised of  all branches of SOWA including its mother branch established in 1996 by a young Japanese investor who also operates his solely capitalized construction company in Tokyo, Japan, named SOWA SHOKO Co. Ltd.

During the growing demands in the construction industry in Philippines, Mr. Takeshi Murayama, founder and main investor of SOWA, has foreseen the potential market and began to establish the very first branch in the country. The huge demand in the industry of mostly manufacturing plants of prominent IT & electronic product companies had emanated numerous projects alongside with the business central locations, namely Makati, Pasay, & Pasig City.  Initially deploying approximately a monthly average of 1,000 Filipino skilled workers and laborers, closely monitored and managed by Licensed Civil Engineers and Architects, with the reinforcement of Japanese managers specialized in Quality Control, therefore, making the company known for its Japanese quality standard approach on all its projects, applying Japan technology and method on all of its specialized works exclusively catered only by Sowa.

Now with branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh-Vietnam, Dubai-UAE, and Jakarta-Indonesia, SOWA has established a very solid business relationship, partnership and affiliation with large Japanese General Contractors and renowned suppliers from different countries.

SOWA shall continue its endeavor to penetrate the foreign markets not only in Asia, but particularly countries that are initializing, reviving, innovating their infrastructures and commercial districts.


*We continuously develop and implement an educational manual of all the technical & moral aspects that can be applied by our employees in order to get the appreciation of customers.

*We pursue to attain the customers’ requirements by proper and strong credibility of performance.

*We support the understanding of a sufficient manpower not only in number but by credibility by having access on the study of a more useful and latest techniques in the skills, ensuring that work deadlines are met.

*We prepare schedules for hands-on training at the site for actual skill improvement combined with technical educations in a form of one on one and/or group discussions .

*We improve and maintain a good, friendly work environment and state of mind between the management and its workers in common aspects by giving priority to the welfare of our personnel.

*We strengthen an open & friendly relations among the persons inside/outside the company by providing and maintaining an accessible means of communication via personal meetings inside or outside the office, via our company emails, website, social media accounts, and direct landlines., that will aid in continuously building a good relationship with our valued customers and our people.

*We promote excellent performance in an improved business condition by adapting to the contemporary trends in the business, without compromising quality, and maintaining a conducive work atmosphere.


*To always attain the best technical aspects known and trusted by our valued clients in our maximum effort to provide our best services, as a result of our intention of continuous development of the company’ s management.

 *To get the maximum outcome from our daily performances and further polish our personnel in establishing trust as the basic consideration among the people within and outside the company.

*To pay special attention on the requirements of our clients, who provide us projects, that through properly coordinated and credible actions, we acquire the customers’ appreciations.

*To improve productivity in our daily performances because we are committed todeliver our products & services on time with an assurance of quality.

*To prioritize reliability & safety in all actions, notwithstanding the various factors of personal & business concerns.

*To take responsibility, by not avoiding unknown works, therefore contacting the concerned, and/or set up discussions with the upper personnel to resolve the problems.

*To culminate and maintain a professional but friendly environment in the workplace to motivate our people.

*To share equal profits among people connected in the business, therefore daily developing our society

Written & Inspired by : Mr. Toshio Murayama


Our vision is to become globally known and patronized as a Japanese-quality standard Construction company Specialized in Interior and Exterior Finishing Works  to invade the foreign market by establishing branch offices first in Asian countries then in the other continents of the world.


To always meet our valued clients’ satisfaction &  expectations 

To apply the best Japanese quality standards in all aspects of our services.

To take pride in the company’s performance for its safety, accuracy, punctuality, sincerity and responsibility.